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“This is a beautiful and illustrative book for children with vascular birthmarks to find inspiration and understanding, and for pediatricians and dermatologists who care for these children to offer as a resource for their patients, families, and community members. Kudos to Amanda Donahue for this special book!  I very much look forward to sharing it with my patients.”

—Dr. Megha M. Tollefson, MD
Department of Dermatology
Mayo Clinic—Rochester, Minnesota

Tyler’s Purple Arm is an incredible addition to children’s books that is long overdue. It stresses the importance of treating everyone the same, no matter what they look like. This can be extrapolated to many physical differences, including birthmarks, skin color, burns, and other congenital conditions. I recommend that my patients of all ages should read this book, which supports the old English idiom, ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover.’”

—Erik P. Boe, MD, FAAP
Bloomington Pediatrics—Bloomington, Illinois


Amazon #1 Best Seller in These categories:

  • Children's Social Situation Books

  • Children's books on Physical Disabilities 

  • Children's nonfiction People and Places

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